Thursday, May 17, 2012

Benefits of Olive Oil

Natural Skin Care Ingredients

I've been using olive oil for more than 3 years now and what can I say? It is totally pure and effective for internal and external uses.

Olive oil is one of my favorite Natural Beauty Skin Care . It has many benefits and uses, not just for cooking but best for your skin and hair care.

I personally use Olive Oil for my hair and skin. I have lots of experiments in using Olive Oil. Since it is pure and natural, I have nothing to worry.

Here's what I did and what I like about Olive Oil: 

1. Before taking a bath, pour a small amount of Olive Oil into the palm and apply it on dry scalp down to the tip of  your hair, then massage and wait after 30mins. It is good for dry scalp and dandruff hair. You can use it as conditioner also. Just add olive oil to your hair conditioner then massage it.

2. When taking a bath, put 1/4 cup of Olive Oil to the water and wash all over your body. Stay for about 15 mins before rinsing it. You may feel the softness and smoothness of your skin even without lotion.

3. It serves as a moisturizer. It is the purest source of Vit. E. Vitamin E helps the skin to be healthy.

4. Used as a facial cream. It prevents pimples, stops wrinkles and pimple marks slightly visible.

5. Serves as a lotion and scar vanisher that lightens scar marks.

6. Best for mosquito bite marks. Just massage your legs and hands with Olive Oil everyday and night. Be patient enough to wait the visible effects in a month or two. You will see the improvement of your skin. You may notice the softness, smoothness, healthy looking skin and those marks totally gone. Swear!

7. It is very good remedy for external or internal inflammations caused by diseases or injury.

8. It has full of nutrients that serves as antioxidants with a natural compound extracted from Olives.

9. Health benefits of Olive Oil in preventing colon, breast and skin cancerAlzheimers and  a lot.

10. It prevents choppy and dry lips.

Best Advice: Be patient and observant with the changes. It takes time to erase and visibly gone. Nothing is a miracle, all should be based on your belief that changes may occur in time.

Most of our products are combined with Olive Oil. Here are some of these.




Thank you for taking time reading my reviews regarding Olive Oil. 

This is all about using all NATURAL BEAUTY SKIN CARE YOU LOVE.

Happy reading and Blogging everyone!!!


Gosia Varts said...

Great blog! very needed too!

Herryponting said...

Good for skin care.
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best mouthwash for bad breath said...

Olive oil is extremely great for consumptions. Everyone knows it..

internal medicine said...

Indeed, olive oil is good for the skin, it is good also when used in cooking.

ramuan alami untuk mengobati wasir said...

Olive oil has known good for health since long time ago,and no hesitate for it..

Sensual Massage said...

very good information to all.I am massaging olive oil on various parts of my skin. What are its advantages? Does regularly massage helps get fairer and healthier skin?

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Aze said...

@sensual: yes it is..I've been using olive oil for a couple of years. I managed myself to do a lot of experiments. I used to mixed it with lotions and other creams too. The best benefits of Olive Oil I have been through so far was when mosquito bites marks on my legs obviously gone.I massaged it regularly to get fairer and it help diminish dark spots caused by swelling.

Sacramento Dentist said...

Great for food, great for the skin, I even use it as a conditioner for my hair. Thanks for the great article!

beauty bar said...

I am applying olive oil in my hair as well as body from 4 is really great.

body painting said...

It does not contain fat so it is one of the healthiest oil.

adipex said...

an excellent article thank you.

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