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Effective Scar Eraser and Stretchmarks Remover

Natural Beauty Skin Care Ingredients.

Read everything as you will be informed that Natural Beauty Skin Care Products do really great job in improving our appearance.

Our skin is a sensitive organ that easily breaks out. There are different types of skin, some are sensitive enough that bug bites may cause scars on affected areas. Sometimes it's easily spread when scratched. There are some skin that looks healthy yet any burn, injury, surgery or any other trauma accidents can cause the formation of scar tissue that leads your skin looks ugly. The scar is not so bad to look at if it is small or easy to hide using different over the counter concealer products. It may be not recognized or less visible through times.  

There are some who are looking for something not just wearing clothes to hide scars. 
Scars will never be erased completely, it may lessen using over the counter products for scar reductions. There are some people who undergo laser treatments to completely erase marks. 

There are different kinds of scars:

1. Acne Scar- this scar cause from acne inflammations. After acne heals, the skin can be left discolorations and ranging from deep pits to scars. Some pimples popped and pinched out that may cause deep scars. 

2. Stretch marks Scar- this is the cause when the skin is stretched rapidly during pregnancy.

3. Contracture Scar- skin has been burned that cause skin tightening, inability to move that may affect muscles and nerves.

4. Keloid Scar- is a serious form of scarring because it is the result of an overgrowth granulation tissue at the portion of skin healed injury. It grows indefinitely into large tumorous neoplasms .

5. Hypertrophic scar- red scars that similar to Keloids but not as big as Keloids. Injection of steroids used to remove this.
Some scar treatments are Microdermabrasion, laser treatments, over-the-counter or prescription creams, ointment or gel, surgical removal, and injections. Some use natural products or home made to heal scars.
Here is one of our products we suggest for you to try. 

HOPE MIRACLE CREAM WITH MICROPEELING for scar marks and stretch marks. It serves as a potent skin anti-oxidant and skin moisturizer, it covers blemishes, treats age spots, lightens and eliminates scars, flattens keloids, removes warts and other skin problems. It can be applied both face and body.




This is all about Natural Beauty Skin Care Products you love.

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Important Notice

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As you have noticed I have a different fan page name simply because I made myself something I owned. Even I sell W.M Nature Products, I still have my own page for my own customers. I have products on hand that bought from W.M Nature Touch but the price is still the same

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"Behold the Ageless and Goddess Beauty in You"

This blog contains reviews regarding the benefits of using Natural Skin Care Products on your skin. It gives you a naturally healthy glowing skin. It is based on using botanical, pure organic ingredients formed by nature without synthetic chemicals that may cause skin irritations.

Pure organic products from fruits, essential oils, herbs, roots, flowers and a lot combined with natural occurring ingredients such as preservatives and emulsifiers which can be used in making soap, lotion, toner, facial cream, paste mask, body cream and a lot.

This product helps rejuvenate your skin to make it softer, smoother and younger. Nurture and protect your skin with all naturals and organic essentials with no harsh chemicals. This product is much safer to use because of its less toxins compare to Chemical Product that uses harsh chemicals for faster results yet may affect your skin that develops itchiness, rashes, and burns

     No Parabens.
     No sulfate.
     No Glycol.
     No Hydroquinone.

Products that all natural with lots of benefits and no peeling required.
Products that are not cruel and never tested on animals.
All Natural Products that treat your skin gently.
The main ingredients are vegetables, essential oils, fruits, flowers and the like. If you are looking for a product that relaxing and rejuvenating then this Natural Skin Care product is good for you.

For reference just simply read all the benefits I have written in reviews for you to decide what products best for you.

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Independence Day Sale








Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Benefits of Rosehip Oil

Natural Beauty Skin Care Ingredients

I've been so very busy this past few days. So, I miss writing my blog. 
How's everyone? 
Have you read my previous post? 

If not kindly click the link below if you want to know the benefits using Natural Skin Care Products. I am an avid fan of all Natural Skin Care Products. I really love the good effects on my skin. No worries, you got it all! No harmful side effects. No bumps. No rashes. No negative feedbacks. 
Who else will think negative feedbacks upon using all natural products? Yes, maybe there are some people who can testify that there are some natural products irritate their skin. Maybe because they don't undergo assay tests and yes, the expiration date is a must. 

They should know the effectivity span of that product. 
How long that products will be used and not to use? 
How long will it take to determine its effectivity? 
How long will you stop not to use?

Most Natural Skin Care Products are needed to be placed in a room temperature. Avoid exposing it direct from sunlight.
Today I'm going to post about the benefits of Rosehip Oil. Rosehip Oil is a fruit oil extracted from the hip of the rose.

Here are some of the benefits of Rosehip Oil based on my experiences and research.

1.  Rosehip Oil contains unsaturated essential fatty acids such as Oleic Acid, Linoleic Acid,  Linolenic Acid, Beta Carotene and Vitamin C.
2.  It is an oil that once applied there is no greasy feeling unlike with the other oils.
3.  It helps to reduce aging signs such wrinkles, warts, and others.
4.  It helps to reduce scar marks caused by injuries and insect bites.
5.  It serves as a moisturizer. Alternative for lotions or combined with a lotion to make the skin smoother.
6.  It cures acne and reduces acne marks.
7.  It helps to have a smaller pores.
8.  It reduces, stretch marks, cellulite, melasma and a lot.
9.  It removes skin care problems such as psoriasis, eczema, burns, chicken pox marks, insect bite marks, dermatitis, scarring and other skin conditions.
10.  It is naturally applied directly on the skin without experiencing pigmentation.
11.  It is a natural oil that used any type of skin; hypoallergenic.
12.  It can be added to any other skin care products to be more effective, with no harmful side effects.
13.  It is best for dry skin.
14.  It is good for dry hair and scalp.

Those are the lists I know, you can share your experiences also by using this product. I am open for any suggestions.

To attest its effectiveness, feel free to browse my products by simply clicking HERE .

Here are some of our products that contain Rosehip Oil.

Natural Rosehip Oil

Rosehip Soap

Thanks for dropping in.

Pleasure to share one of the most effective Natural Beauty Skin Care You Love.

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