This blog serves as my journal and networking business purposes. Whatever you have read on my post, clearly says that this blog created by me. This blog contains different articles, business, and day to day experiences. The main purpose of making this blog is to promote my own business through networking and writing articles as well for skin care, healthy tips and benefits and other useful ideas that people may find it interesting.

Aside from selling Natural Beauty Skin Care Products, I also sell Chocolates. Chocolates are my weakness. I love chocolates, so I decided to resell also by providing cheap prices compare to any nearer markets in your town. Whatever I have posted on this blog is solely written by me.

I am happy to serve you and assist your inquiries in behalf of my co-resellers and of W.M Nature Touch, the owner of Natural Skin Line, I promoted and Kris Merchandise for the chocolate products I have here in.

For the Natural Skin Care buyers, it is best to always do a patch test first before trying any skin care products brands. Maybe it be mainstream, sold in the market. Always keep in mind that people varies everything. It may good to some, it may bad to others. Simply means that whatever products you may use, it is still depends on the type of skin you have. We offer Natural Skin Care Products that truly came from Natural Extracts, that best for those sensitive skin, but as what I have always saying, do a patch test since the results vary from person to person. 

Patch Test may be done at the back of your ear or elbow. If there is no negative reactions occur within 24 hours, you may proceed using the products.

It may be the best to do it first before taking risk. 

Just a simple reminder for the best of us.

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